Phase 4 Of Our “Rogue One” Tribute Brings Us One Day Closer To Finally Seeing The Film!

“We have hope. Rebellions are built on hope.”

– Jyn Erso


Ahhhhhh yes, we are ALMOST there.  As time trudges on, we get closer and closer to the release of “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story” and we can’t wait.  With each tick-tock of the clock our anticipation is building and to be honest, I may just go get in line at my local IMAX theater NOW!  We are beyond excited to see all the new aliens and droids including Pao, Bistain, Edrio Two Tubes and the rest of the crew that director Gareth Edwards and his team has put together.

HUGE thank you to everyone who has checked out PHASE 1, PHASE 2 and PHASE 3 this week.  Like the first 3 Phases we will be holding a sweepstakes for today’s Phase 4 release where fans can win a poster from that phase.  Entering is simple but you must do each of the things below to be considered for each day’s random drawing:

  • Follow us on TWITTER

  • Retweet your favorite image along with the artist’s official Twitter tag and include the message, “I just entered the #PosterPosseRogueOneSweepstakes”

    • We have included each artist’s Twitter tag below their image to make it easier for you.

  • Follow us on INSTAGRAM

  • LIKE the image that is your favorite, tag a friend’s Instagram and include the message, “I just entered the #PosterPosseRogueOneSweepstakes, you should too!”

Each day we will announce a winner on Twitter at 8 PM MST.


Here’s a look at today’s tribute to “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.”

rogue-one-vincent-aseo-poster-posse-star-wars-finalby Vincent Aseo




by Rich Davies





by Orlando Arocena





by The Dark Inker




by guest artist Rafal Rola




by Orlando Arocena




by Salvador Anguiano (variant)




by Chris Malbon (variant)




by Rich Davies



by Doaly (variant)



Thanks for all your support over the past 4 days and be sure to come back tomorrow for another chance to win one of the posters and to see the final phase of our tribute!






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