The Poster Posse Ventures To A Galaxy Far, Far Away With Phase One Of Our “Rogue One” Tribute

“Take hold of this moment. The force is strong.”

– Chirrut Îmwe


The premiers have begun which means that it is only a matter of days until we get to embark on an all new Star Wars film, “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.”  “Rogue One” will mark the first non-saga/ standalone film in the Star Wars Universe.  Coming in with a budget of $200 million dollars, Disney has their fingers crossed that Star Wars fans are ravenous enough to support films outside the well known saga films.  Personally speaking, I’m all in….give me the solo Han Solo film, give me a standalone Boba Fett film, and I can’t WAIT for the “Rogue One” movie!  (Just take my money, I’ll GLADLY hand it over, just DON’T give me a Jar-Jar Binks solo film.)

To celebrate this momentous occasion, the Poster Posse went all out for a tribute to the film we are dying to see.  Today we give you a small taste of our grand tribute to director Gareth Edwards,  “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.”  As an added bonus to our fans and fans of all things Star Wars, we will be holding a sweepstakes each and every day.  Entering is simple but you must do each of the things below to be considered for each day’s random drawing:

  • Follow us on TWITTER

  • Retweet your favorite image along with the artist’s official Twitter tag and include the message, “I just entered the #PosterPosseRogueOneSweepstakes”

    • I have included each artist’s Twitter tag below their image

  • Follow us on INSTAGRAM

  • LIKE the image that is your favorite, tag a friend’s Instagram and include the message, “I just entered the #PosterPosseRogueOneSweepstakes, you should too!”

Each day we will announce a winner on Twitter at 8 PM MST.

rogue-one-24-x-36-v2by Rich Davies


by Salvador Anguiano



by Mike Mahle


by Daniel Nash


by Matt Needle


by Orlando Arocena


by guest artist Christian Rosado

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story(Donnie Yen)Ph: Film Frame©Lucasfilm LFL



By Rich Davies


by Orlando Arocena


by guest artist Jérémy Pailler

As we said above, this is only a smidge of what we will be sharing with you over the next few days.  Be sure to enter our sweepstakes so you can win one of these posters and stay tuned for more!  It’s going to be a BUSY week.



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