The Poster Posse x “The Invisible Man” Phase 2

PP Passion Project


Yesterday we shared Phase 1 of our poster tribute to Universal Pictures, Blumhouse Productions, edge-of-your-seat thriller, “The Invisible Man.”  “Surprise…” today we are following it up with Phase 2.  After seeing the film, one of the things we are compelled to talk about, aside from the fine acting of Elisabeth Moss, Aldis Hodge, Storm Reid, Harriet Dyer and Oliver Jackson-Cohen, is the powerful score by Benjamin Wallfisch.  It perfectly captures the tension, fear, and horror of the film and sets the tone of how utterly terrifying it would be to be stalked and attacked by an invisible assailant.  Give this a listen to see, we mean, “HEAR” what we are talking about and then check out all the art from Phase 2 below.




Art by Poster Posse Pro Tom Miatke




Art by Poster Posse Pro Chris Malbon


Art by Poster Posse Pro 17th & Oak





Art by Poster Posse Pro Erin Gallagher



Art by Poster Posse Pro Scott Hopko



Art by Poster Posse Pro Daniel Nash



Art by Poster Posse Pro Thomas Walker


Art by Poster Posse Pro Rodolfo Reyes


Art by Poster Posse Pro Doaly


HUGE thank you to all the sites, artists, etc. who have commented, liked, shared this project.  These Passion Projects are part of the Posse’s DNA and we love highlighting the talents of our artists.  IF YOU… yes YOU have a project, indie film, short film, documentary, film festivals, tours, cons etc. and you need art, reach out to us on our website under the contact section and let’s start a conversation.  We work on all kinds of projects from big to small and we want to bring YOURS to life.

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