Monsa’s “David Bowie Tribute” Book Remembers An Icon


The passing of David Bowie has left fans everywhere remembering just how influential he was, not only with music but with fashion, film and more.  The folks at Monsa have just released a tribute book to him and it’s quite lovely.  41 artists created art featuring or centered around Bowie and each artist expresses in a sentence what they think about this world renowned artist.  Three members of the Poster Posse, Berkay Daglar, Kaz Oomori and Ben Mcleod,  where asked to contribute images from our own tribute alongside others including: Vicente Valentine, Stanley Chow, Cranio Dsgn and more.

“Bowie was the one who led the change with very good pace.”  – Berkay Daglar

“Super Star”  – Kaz Oomori

“David Bowie was always one step ahead creatively.”  Ben Mcleod

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