Chris Skinner & Cult Cinema Sunday Join Forces On An Amazing New Print For “TOTAL RECALL”

Back in 1990, director Paul Verhoeven and Arnold Schwarzenegger (Douglas Quaid) blew our minds with the sci-fi action film, Total Recall. The story takes place in 2084 and is packed with memory implants, futuristic gadgets and tech, secret agents, an alien artifact and of course, the lovely and unforgettable Kuato.



Cult Cinema Sunday features the original, challenging and just plain cool from the world of cult & genre film. A simple movie night that was turned into a fully interactive cult film club. Join us on the third Sunday of every month for a perfect mix of food and drink, film quiz, raffle and art prints.

3240444_1ac254e94919ecda0c4e39f286d2f0cd_xRecently they took it upon themselves to take fans back to Mars and they asked Chris Skinner to create a homage print to the film.  The end result is quite outstanding BUT…..they are sold out so unfortunately you can’t have one.  That being said, you should follow Chris on TWITTER becasue you never know, he MAY release some AP copies at SOME time.  To avoid missing out in the future, follow Cult Cinema Sunday on TWITTER for info about their next film/ poster event.  (BTW, their next film is one of our all-time favorites, The Lost Boys!)  Here is a look at Chris’ awesome TOTAL RECALL print.

Skinner-TotalRecall-PreviewTotal Recall by Chris Skinner

24″ X 36″

7 color screen printSkinner-TotalRecall-Preview-Detail-3




Here are the links you need to stay in the know with both Cult Cinema Sunday and Chris Skinner

CULT CINEMA SUNDAY: Twitter, Facebook

CHRIS SKINNER: Twitter, Behance, Facebook

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