Under The Floorboards & U.K. Artist Chris Skinner Announce A Fantastic Print For A Sci-Fi Classic: “Quartermass & The Pit”

The British Sci-Fi classic, “Quartermass & The Pitt” has everything you could want from a late 60’s science fiction, horror film.  Mystery, intrigue, an alien invasion, an ignorant military presence and of course, mediocre special effects.  All of this came together perfectly back in 1967 when the film was released.  In collaboration with Studio Canal, Under The Floorboards has commissioned U.K. artist Chris Skinner to create a poster that pays homage to this classic.Quatermass-2



Here is what Chris had to say about the film and the project.  ‘Quatermass & The Pit is a British classic, I remember watching it on T.V. as a kid (not when it first came out, I’m not that old) and being pretty scared, it was great revisiting the film as an adult. For me the film still holds up very well today despite some ropey special effects, without trying to give anything away I love the way the film blends genres and has an X-Files/Fringe feel to it. For the artwork we decided to keep the concept relatively simple with an old quad feel, we focus on a few of the characters and some elements from the film to generate some intrigue and hopefully people might check out this cult classic’.- Chris Skinner






“Quartermass And The Pitt” by Chris Skinner

4 colour screen print
Signed & numbered

Edition of 100

Size 24 x 18 inches approx

Printed by Lady Lazarus

£35 shipped (approx. $55)


This print goes on sale this Friday, May 22, 2015 at the link above.  Be sure to follow Under The Floorboards VIA their FACEBOOK and TWITTER pages.  You can stay up to date with Chris Skinner VIA his TWITTER page.  Check out his OFFICIAL WEBSITE and BEHANCE PAGE to see everything else in his fantastic portfolio.

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