‘Tis The Season & Now Is The Time To Get Some Highly Desirable Art At Some Great Prices

Yep, the race to get that perfect gift for that special person has begun and the Poster Posse is ready to help you with some nice savings on some great wall-candy.  First off, we are offering 10% off anything and everything in our POSTER POSSE ORIGINALS store.  That sale goes from November 25th and ends on November 28th at 11:59 PM.  Simply use the code #Highlydesirableart during checkout and BAM!….save %10. Here is a look at some of the things up for grabs.


This series is called “CLUTTER JAM” and is by artist Vincent Aseo.  Each print is available individually OR you can buy the set.  AVAILABLE HERE


Both of these prints, “Mr XRay” and “The Escape” are by Nick Runge and are AVAILABLE HERE



This serene, post-apocalyptic beauty is called “Headed Home” and is by John Hughes.  It is AVAILABLE HERE


These two prints are part of The Dark Inker’s Fantasy series called “The Keepers”  Both are AVAILABLE HERE



This print, “RvM” or “Robots vs Monsters” is by Sharm Murugiah and AVAILABLE HERE



Here is a tribute inspired by “Into the Wild”  It’s called “Magic Bus Day” and is by Daniel NashAVAILABLE HERE



We also have a bunch of custom skateboard decks from several of our artists.

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