The Poster Posse Turns Its Talents Towards The Allure And Power Of Music

“The Only Truth Is Music”

– Jack Kerouac

There is no denying the power of music and its influences over generations and generations and generations of people around the world.  Music can whisk you away to a galaxy far, far, away or it can make you scared of the ocean for the rest of your life.  The Poster Posse wanted to pay homage to music and those that make it.  For all the memories, happy, sad or mad, music has been at the core of our lives ever since we can remember.  Over the next few days we will be giving you our takes on concerts we WISH we could have seen and posters for groups and musical artists we love.


by Chris Garofalo

MARY J COLES_ Orlando Arocena_2016

by Orlando Arocena


by Doaly



Gig Posters - Dan Nash - M83 - Hurry Up, We're Dreaming - Web

by Daniel Nash


The Prodigy_Firestarter_Orlando Arocena_2016

by Orlando Arocena

The Prodigy- Orlando Arocena_ smack my bitch up_2016

by Orlando Arocena



by Sam Ho


DON DIABLO_MIAMI_Orlando Arocena_2016

by Orlando Arocena



by Chris Malbon


by Chris Malbon

Faster_Pussycat_catwoman_orlando Arocena-vector_2016

by Orlando Arocena


by Sam Ho

Come back tomorrow for phase two of our tribute to music and be sure to let us know which ones are your favorite down in the comments section.

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