Rich Davies Pays Tribute To Stephen Amell And The Cast Of The CW’s “Arrow” With A Fantastic New Print

Did you watch this week’s premier of season 3 for the CW’s mega-hit series “Arrow?”  Chance are you did because the ratings were through the roof.  We love the show and my 8 year old son even runs around the front yard with his bow and arrow saying, in his deepest voice, “Previously, on Arrow” and then he shoots a tree or a bush.  Anyway, U.K. artist Richard Davies is also a huge fan of the show and rather than running around like my son, he has focused his passion for the show into a stunning tribute piece paying homage to the cast.



“Arrow” by Richard Davies

Very limited edition print

Printed on Photo Rag Ultra Smooth 305gsm paper S

Signed by the artist

Limited run of 25

Size: 18″ x 24″

(this is unofficial fan artwork)

****** AVAILABLE HERE ******

Be sure to follow Richard on TWITTER for updates on new projects, gallery shows, etc.  You can also check out his OTHER store by CLICKING HERE!

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