Poster Posse X Intellivision: An Officially Licensed Poster Series Paying Homage To Classic Video Games

In 1979 Mattel released the home video game console, Intellivision and in doing so, stole HOURS upon HOURS of our childhood as we sat square in front of the TV.  With games like: Astrosmash, Night Stalker, Burger Time, Pitfall! and more, kids were instantly hooked and glued to their TV screens as they embarked on secret missions, defended the universe or battled furiously to save the day.  Today we are thrilled to announce an officially licensed, limited edition poster series based off the games that made Intellivision such a great console and captured the imagination of a generation.

For our first release artist Simon Delart has re-imagined the pixelated, war-themed classic, “Armor Battle.”  Here is a look at his art along with info regarding the print.


“Hide and Seek”

Limited Edition: 50 pcs

24″ x 36″

Printed on matte, heavyweight, archival-quality paper with smooth finish

Ships with Certificate of Authenticity

Hand numbered

$50 (shipping additional)


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