Poster Posse x A24 Tribute (Part 2)

Given that they have SO many amazing properties, we couldn’t possibly tackle them all with only one drop so today we are here with phase 2 of our tribute to A24.  It appears that we aren’t the only fans because as of 2018, the company has received a total of twenty-four Academy Award nominations. In 2016, films distributed by A24 won Academy Awards for Best Actress (Brie Larson in Room), Best Documentary Feature (Amy), and Best Visual Effects (Ex Machina). In 2017, Moonlight won the Academy Award for Best Picture (the first such award for the company), Best Adapted Screenplay and Best Supporting Actor (Mahershala Ali). A24’s television division released The Carmichael Show. (Wikipedia)

As always, thank you to all the Poster Posse Pros and guest artists who jumped in and contributed to this passion project.  For this project, rather than just illustration art, we tapped into the other talents of our team and provided photo manipulated images as well.  If you have a project that requires art: movie posters, independent film posters, editorial art, tour poster, video game art, book covers, album art, event poster, etc, give us a call.  We love working with new clients on any size project.  With over 40 diverse and multi-talented artists under contract from around the world, we have a lot to offer and would love to hear from you and help bring your project to life.


The VVitch” by Poster Posse Pro Andrew Swainson


Lady Bird” by Poster Posse Pro Arden Avett


Hereditary” by Poster Posse Pro Ben Mcleod


Ex Machina” by Poster Posse Pro Rich Davies


Lean on Pete” by Poster Posse Pro SG Posters



Locke” poster by Poster Posse Pro Aracely Munoz


Under The Skin” by Poster Posse Pro Matt Needle


The Killing of a Sacred Deer” by Poster Posse Pro Rafal Rola


The Lobster” by Poster Posse Pro Ben Mcleod


The Florida Project” by Poster Posse Pro Sam Gilbey


Tusk” variant by Poster Posse Pro Doaly


Enemy” by guest artist Laura Racero


Under the Skin” by guest artist Danny Schlitz


The Blackcoat’s Daughter” by guest artist Ben Turner



Swiss Army Man” variant by guest artist Tom Coupland (@boythirty)


Ex Machina” by guest artist Alberto Reyes

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