Matt Needle Launches His Fantastic “20 X 20” Project

There is a ton of amazing art on the internet but have you ever said, “Why hasn’t anyone done…..?”  Well now you can get that impossible to find, never before seen print and it will be your very own one of one.  U.K. artist Matt Needle has launched a project called, “20 X 20” and it can solve this nagging need for something you can’t find. For a mere £60 you get a 20cm x 20cm print design based upon your subject, printed and delivered to right you.

Screen Shot 2015-09-17 at 10.42.00 AM

You want Batman riding a unicorn, no problem, you want Pris fighting Bruce Lee, okay, that’s possible too, you want Rick Grimes playing baseball with a team of zombies, well that can be done too.  The subject of your print can be based on a story, song, movie, TV show or anything.  The approx time is around 3-4 weeks for the design plus delivery.  Simply e-mail Matt at: and he can get you all set up.  5 more slots have just opened and if you follow Matt on TWITTER you can stay up to date with not only THIS project but everything else he has going on.  (We are huge fans of his “Illustrated Film Friday series.”)

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