Kaz Oomori Can’t Get Enough Of Star Wars: The Force Awakens…And Can You Blame Him?

Along with throngs of adoring fans, we LOVED “Star Wars: The Force Awakens.”  Episode VII is absolutely CRUSHING it at the theaters right now and is poised to quickly become the most successful movie of all-time.  Fans all over the world are clamoring for everything and anything from a galaxy far, far away and artists have been having a field day creating wall candy for the masses.  Japanese artist Kaz Oomori has been VERY busy lately as Star Wars has consumed his every waking moment.  He has art in the Poster Posse’s officially licensed exhibit with Le Café Pixel in Marseille, France, he has three official posters as part of a Disney Rewards program and now this.

Kaz has just released some tribute images showing us what The Force Awakens would look like….animated.  The end result has us hoping, with fingers crossed, that we get to actually SEE an animated version from Disney.

Kaz_Oomori_animated_Rey_The_Force_Awakens Kaz_Oomori_animated_Kylo_Ren_The_Force_Awakens Kaz_Oomori_animated_Finn_The_Force_Awakens Kaz_Oomori_animated_Poe_The_Force_Awakens Kaz_Oomori_animated_Han_and_Chewy_The_Force_Awakens

Let us know which one is your favorite down in the comments section below.  Be sure to follow Kaz on TWITTER for updates on new projects and releases and go over to his OFFICIAL BEHANCE PAGE to see his impressive portfolio.

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