Join Us In The Future With Matt Needle’s New Series Of Prints “Futurescapes”

When we were young we would pour through magazines like Omni and dream about the future.  Flying cars, floating cities, ray guns and bases on the moon would send our minds into meltdown mode eagerly awaiting the day that it all became reality.  Well…. we’re still waiting but to tide us over, Poster Posse Pro Matt Needle is embarking on a new series of prints called “Futurescapes.”

Today we are pleased to reveal the first image in the series featuring Matt’s signature minimalist, retro styling.  We will be offering limited edition prints of this image in two sizes.  The sizes will be 24″ X 36″ for those of you that want to enjoy it as a centerpiece in your office or home and 12″ X 16″ which will allow you to combine it with other prints from the series in your man cave or kid’s room.  Simply click the links below or go to our official store at the top of our homepage and go to the “Originals” section.


“Futurescapes #1” by Matt Needle

12″ X 16″ giclée

Limited Edition of 75




“Futurescapes #1” by Matt Needle

24″ X 66″ Giclée

Limited edition of 50



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