Help Ease Your Wait For The Film With Phase 2 Of Our Tribute To Rian Johnson’s “Star Wars: The Last Jedi”

It sounds like we are in for a real treat with Disney’sStar Wars: The Last Jedi,”  The reviews are coming in and folks are really enjoying it.  We can’t WAIT to see what director Rian Johnson has conjured up for us with his take on the Star Wars Universe and thankfully, we don’t have to wait too long now. On Monday we gave you a look at Phase 1 of our tribute to the film and today, we are back with the Phase 2.

Art by Sam Gilbey



Art by Rafal Rola


Art by guest artist Jemma Klein


Art by Rafal Rola


Art by guest artist Benedict Woodhead


Art by Simon Delart


Art by Rich Davies


Art by Orlando Arocena


Art by guest artist Cristhian Hova




Art by guest artist Chris Christodoulou



Art by Rafal Rola


There you have it, our last Passion Project of the year.  We wanted to wish a huge thank you to all the Poster Posse Pros and guest artists who not only participated in THIS project but in all the projects throughout the year.  With our new venture, MEOKCA, you can expect all kinds of things in 2018.  Happy Holidays to all and stay tuned….

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