Happy Batman Day!

“It’s not who I am underneath, but what I do that defines me.”


“From film to video game consoles to the printed page, the Dark Knight has been at the forefront of popular culture for over seven decades. Get ready to celebrate one of the world’s most popular superheroes with free downloads, events in your area, great deals on Batman products and much more!” – DC Comics

BATMAN_DARK_KNIGHT_thedarkinkerThe Dark Inker

DC Comics has declared September 26th, 2015, as “Batman Day” and given that he is one of our all-time favorite comic book characters, we are stoked to see what they have in store for us.  DC artists and storytellers will be doing guest appearances all over the country, book store and comic book stores will be doing special events and we have decided to launch a tribute to The Dark Knight.

Rich_Davies_BatmanRich Davies

This time out we have invited some guests to join in the fun and share their personal artistic takes on Bruce Wayne’s alter ego and all things associated with him.  Bill Finger and Bob Kane gave us a timeless hero, someone to inspire good in others and instill fear in those that would do wrong.

MattGriffin_Batman_AMatthew Griffin (Guest Artist)

GOTHAM FREEZE_vector_orlando arocena_2015Orlando Arocena


POSTER_POSSE_BATMAN_GUY_StauberGuy Stauber (Guest Artist)


batman_appreciation_day_ Rodolfo_reyesRodolfo Reyes

GOHAM_KNOIGHT_Orlando Arocena_vector_2015Orlando Arocena


PP_good_bat_ugly_Daniel_StrangeDaniel Strange (Guest Artist)




Gotham_on_my_mind_vector_Orlando Arocena_2015Orlando Arocena

emilie_Valade_Batman_dayEmilie Valade (Guest Artist)


MattGriffin_Batman_BMatthew Griffin (Guest Artist)


Batman medium

“Blackout Brother” (Guest Artist)


Dark_Knight_Joe_VetoeJoe Vetoe


dark_knightBen Whitesell




Knight Hunt_Predator_darkknight_vector_Orlando Arocena_2015

Orlando Arocena

KNIGHT HUNT_Predator-darkknight_vector_orlando arocena_2015_anchors

Simon Delart - Batman Day 2015 LD-1

Simon Delart

Just wanted to give a huge thank you to all the artists that have participated in this project including our special guests.  Be sure to click the links to each artists to explore more of their amazing portfolios.  CLICK HERE to learn more about Batman Day from DC Comics and follow along with everything on Twitter using #BatmanDay.

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