Art Habens Interviews Croatian Artist Kresimir Cuk …aka VAST

Recently The Poster Posse added a new artist to the roster, Kresimir Cuk, AKA “Vast.”  Vast is a digital artist from Zagreb, Croatia who creates atmospheric graphics through digital collages, intertwined with vector graphics.  His first project with us was for our recent tribute to “Ghost in the Shell. (See below)


(Detail shots)

Recently, Vast was interviewed by Art Habens.  ART Habens aims to engage artists, curators and gallerists in conversation about the role of Art in contemporary society. Inspired by the worldwide art scene, we highlight that art is an essential element in our lives: ART Habens reserves a special place to explore these transformations; first, by acknowledging the energy and effort that goes into the creation of art, and second, by investigating the new life a work takes on as it is transferred from artist to world.  Here is a look at that in-depth interview to give you some insight behind the creative that is Vast.


You can get Vast’s work by visiting his shop HERE.



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