The Poster Posse is HYPED For Netfilx’s “Wendell & Wild”

We are MASSIVE fans of “The Nightmare Before Christmas” so when we heard that the stop motion animator responsible for that masterpiece was creating something new for Netflix called, “Wendell & Wild” we were immediately intrigued. Throw in the fact that he was working with Monkeypaw Productions and Jordan Peele, and we began counting the days until it was streaming.

To help the time go by a wee bit faster, we launched a passion project tribute and invited some guest artists to join us in the celebration. “Wendell and Wild” is streaming now on Netflix and we have seen it 3 times now. We highly recommend that you give it a go and get caught up in the magic of Henry Selick and Jordan Peele.

Art by Poster Posse artist Nicky Barkla
Art by Poster Posse artist Rafal Rola
Art by Poster Posse artist Courtney Autumn Martin
Art by Poster Posse artist Dorothea Taylor
Art by Poster Posse artist Sophie Cowdrey
Created by guest artist Melissa Shipley
Created by guest artist RapscallionArt
Created by guest artist Vivian Laduch
Created by guest artist Haley Turnbull
Created by guest artist Zoe Rose LoMenzo