Poster Posse’s 2022 #Hate2Wait Tribute

2022 is STACKED with great films, video games and series and we can’t WAIT to see and play them all ! We enlisted this year’s Poster Posse Protege’s to create some tributes to the ones they REALLY wanna see. We had a fantastic session with this group of artists and love sharing their work. What is YOUR #Hate2wait property for 2022?

Art by Oscar Martinez
Art by Izzy Aghahowa
Art by Gokul Gautham
Art by Nada Maktari
Art by Mark Levy
Art by Only Child Art
Art by Phil Shelly
Art by Sam Green
Art by Melissa Shipley
Art by PuckHeroes
Art by Royalston Design
Art by Marc Oullette
Art by Chelsea Housand