“Listen Up!” A Tribute To Our Favorite Podcasts

Look, the majority of our passion projects are based off of upcoming movies, tv shows and videogames. That being said, life as a freelancer can be a lonely existence. Countless hours spent in front of your computer, slaving away to please your clients as well as your soul. We decided to switch it up a bit and do a tribute to our favorite podcasts. The stuff we listen to during those long, creative hours , racing to meet deadlines, going over countless revisions and listening to the shows that help keep us going.

Poster Posse artist Chelsea Lowe
Poster Posse artist Audrey Estok
Poster Posse artist The Dark Inker
Guest artist Kate Carleton
Guest artist Amin Design
Poster Posse artist Andrew Swainson
Guest artist Michael Rice
Guest artist Traci Yau
Guest artist Royalston Design
Guest artist Marc Ouellette