Thanks for checking out our Protégé program hosted by Poster Posse and our artists.

Poster Posse was founded by the desire to open doors for artists. We aim to broaden this opportunity for emerging talents. Introducing a small group platform, we facilitate interactions between the protégés and a few of our Poster Posse members. Each session encompasses portfolio reviews, artwork creation reviewed by our seasoned artists, engaging Q&A Zoom meetings, mentorship, and enjoyable conversations fostering camaraderie. Beyond the artistic realm, we delve into topics such as confidence, insecurity, isolation, mental challenges, and host insightful round-table discussions via Zoom.

To be considered for one of our upcoming sessions, please submit:

  • Illustration Portfolio (link to website or PDF)
  • Bio (please include any educational info, past or current job and/or freelance experience)
  • Description about what you’re hoping to gain from participating

Send above to:  protege@posterposse.com

**Deadline:  Feb 1, 2024**

Sessions will last 6-8 weeks, contain 10-15 protégés and 2-3 Posse artists.

We look forward to hearing from you!